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Myanmar Brewery limited and business partners donate hospital materials for The National-level Central Committee for COVID-19 Prevention, Control and Treatment AND Ministry of Health ans Sport

Myanmar Brewery limited and business partners are altogether donate over 1,169 lakhs MMK worth of hospital equipments such as (Ventilator, Patient Monitor and oxgen concentrator) to the National level central committe for COVID-19 prevention,control and treatment and Ministry of Health and Sport today 5 April 2020 at the Union Hall of Kyaikkasan Ground, Yangon Region.

The donated equipment list is mentioned below:

Particular Q Worth(MMK)
Ventilator 6 99,000,000
Patient Monitor 4 18,000,000
Oxygen Concentrator 2 2,600,000
Total 119,600,000


As an responsible corporation, to lift the living standard of Myanmar people, Myanmar Brewery Limited and partners initiated Myanmar care program since 2006. Myanmar care program has been passionaltely organizing and participating in blood donations, giving free operations for cleft palates and lips, supporting U-14 and grassroots level football festivals every year.

Myanmar is facing challenges of COVID-19 like the rest of the world today, Myanmar Care program, Myanmar Brewery Limited and its business partners are proudly donated essential medical equipments for the people and supporting Myanmar community to resist and fight the pandemic.

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