Kirin Ichiban

KIRIN ICHIBAN was launched on 27th March 2016 in Draught followed by Pint and Can in June 2016. KIRIN meaning a mythological creature that portends happiness and ICIBAN meaning “first” and “best” in Japanese.

KIRIN ICHIBAN is brewed from only malt, hops and water. Unlike other beers, only the first press of the wort is used. “Ichiban Shibori” is a unique method of brewing beer at its purest from a single ingredient: 100% malt. This one-and-only technique gives KIRIN ICHIBAN a unique taste and flavour found nowhere else in the world. The flavour of beer brewed from 100% malt is usually described as strong and heavy. But KIRIN ICHIBAN, brewed only from the first press of the wort, is crisp yet maintains all the rich flavour of the malt.

Today, Kirin beer is enjoyed by beer-lovers in over 40 countries around the world.