1. As part of MBL’s corporate citizenship programme, we support selected Myanmar civil society organisations working in the fields of education, health, sport and humanitarian disaster relief. This may take the form of financial sponsorship, gifts in the form of food or other goods, or practical assistance from our own employees sharing their time and expertise. We support projects where we know our partners well, and can clearly identify the beneficiaries.

2. We provide support only to legitimate social organisations who work in one of these areas, and who work for the benefit of all the people in their communities, regardless of ethnicity, social background or religion. We do not provide donations to individuals. Our objectives are exclusively humanitarian, and we only support projects that are politically neutral.

3. Our charitable activities are intended as an expression of goodwill and a sign of our commitment to the communities among whom we work. In the same spirit, and in accordance with local practice, our local offices may make seasonal donations to religious centres in the neighbourhoods where we work. We do not expect anything in return for any of these donations. In particular, we will not make charitable donations with a view to influencing an official or business decision, or in order to gain any advantage to which we are not entitled.

4. Our donations are always transparent, and never given in secret. We will always keep accurate records of our donations.

5. We need to know our corporate citizenship partners before we make a donation. In order to fulfil our own company regulations, we must be able to report on how our donations are used. Before approving a donation, we will need to understand who runs the partnership organisation, and how it is managed. We expect our partners to keep accurate records of how they use our donations and, if requested, to share those records with us. We also expect that, if our partners use our donations to engage third parties to carry out services, they will require those third parties to behave in a compliant and ethical manner, to ensure that our donations are not applied for corrupt or improper purposes.


Helping the country is a basic value of MBL. One of MBL’s three Mission goals is “For our Society – ‘Taking Myanmar society higher’ – Our business takes our society ahead, side by side”. MBL takes its CSR activities very seriously and very proud to be a part of support for the Myanmar Society where needs support somehow.