Helping the country is a basic value of MBL. One of MBL’s three Mission goals is “For our Society – ‘Taking Myanmar society higher’ – Our business takes our society ahead, side by side”. MBL takes its CSR activities very seriously and very proud to be a part of support for the Myanmar Society where needs support somehow.
The current CSR program at MBL started out as a blood donation campaign over a decade ago. From that humble start, we have developed a 4-pillar program, each pillar addressing some aspect of Myanmar that we can help. MBL’s commitment is so high: there is an entire team of people working on CSR activities, planning activities as much as a year in advance. This team looks for areas where there is need, and actions will help fulfill the mission goal of helping improve Myanmar.

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The 4 pillars are Health, Sport, Education, and Disaster Relief. The first pillar, and probably our most extensive, is Health. Here blood donation, corrective surgery for children with cleft lips and palate, donation of water purification system and equipment, and Hepatitis B Virus vaccine efforts are making a very real contribution to the well-being of our fellow countrymen. The next, Sport, is similar to Health: people that take part in sports are happier and healthier, and live better lives, also by supporting in sports activities for youth helps them develop their health, morale and team spirit after having chance to exchange culture and custom. Education is a benefit that everyone recognizes: everyone benefits when a person learns. MBL has donated to schools, donated an entire library, supplied computers for schools, school furniture and supported Monastic Education Center with note books, food stuff regularly. Finally, Disaster Relief has clear benefits, and after all, who doesn’t want to help when we see people

suffering from some unforeseen disaster? Floods, fires, or any other natural disaster leaves people in need. MBL is proud to donate and coordinate delivery of our and other people’s donations to devastated locations, or to agencies that can distribute them where needed.
The work is volunteer led, with member of HR and the CSR team managing logistics, safety, and material. They plan events out a year in advance, with monthly implementations, and manages employee and extern. The team also manages announcements, both within and outside of the company, as the public of usually invited to participate in MBL CSR activities.

The area of health in particular requires careful safety management to ensure blood draw materials are sterile and properly handled and disposed of.

CSR activities are promoted under the “Myanmar Care” brand identified with MBL – “Building a strong legacy for now and the future”. This program serves 3 purposes: it is a public image building brand, builds morale and company pride in our employees, and demonstrates clearly MBL’s commitment to its Vision, Mission, Values statement, bolstering the corporate culture than underlies so much of what MBL stands for.


As part of MBL’s corporate citizenship programme, we support selected Myanmar civil society organisations working in the fields of education, health, sport and humanitarian disaster relief. This may take the form of financial sponsorship, gifts in the form of food or other goods, or practical assistance from our own employees sharing their time and expertise. We support projects where we know our partners well, and can clearly identify the beneficiaries.